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At Asphalt Paving Company of Greensboro we take pride in the quality of our work. Our family owned business was founded and built on the principle of providing the best in service and quality on each and every job. We never compromise by taking shortcuts or using inferior materials. We have years of experience on our side and stay informed of the newest asphalt application techniques to help ensure the smoothest and best results to any job that we do. For more info email

  • PAVING - Asphalt Paving - Resurfacing - New Construction - Design
  • REPAIR - Patching - Crackfilling - Coldmilling - Cement Stablization - Storm Drain Repair
  • MILLING - Removing asphalt and aggregate base
  • COATINGS - Sealcoating to keep asphalt surfaces in good working condition
  • STRIPING - Linestriping for streets and parking lots
  • CONCRETE - Flatwork - Curb and Gutter - Industrial Applications
  • GRADING/UTILITIES - Grading - Sitework - Utilities
  • RENTAL - Dump Trucks for Hire - Tandams - Quads - Tractor Trailers - Loboy Rental